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Back to UMvC3 – Gamma Tornado Madness!

Hulk fighting Thor

Hey everybody, it’s been a long time since I’ve talked about UMvC3, probably because I haven’t played the game in forever, but I picked it up again the other day to smash some things and started working on my Thor/Hulk/She-Hulk team. I freely admit that I’m not great at this game, and opening up people with Hulk can be a huge chore because he has trouble destroying grounded opponents on his lonesome.

He doesn’t have much of a high-low game, he’s lacking in the quick poke department, and it’s rare to find a smart player getting slapped around by st. H. That being said, Hulk does have one tool in his irradiated arsenal that opens up unwary enemies for free: the heartbreakingly under-utilized Gamma Tornado command grab.

It really helps that you can kara the bastard, and it definitely surprises fools who expect yet another st. H and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in Hulk’s grimy mitts. However unless Hulk is packing the right assists, the best he can get is Gamma Tornado into Gamma Tsunami for really blah damage, or maybe Gamma Tornado into Gamma Wave L into Gamma Crush for better damage. But when you’ve got She-Hulk and Thor on your side you can shoot for much much better punishment.

That first example is just the cousins dishing out the pain, while in the second Thor whips out his big hammer to help out and push the damage into character killing range. Maybe what’s more important about these setups, and really the entire Hulk/Thor corner madness, is the reset potential. After the final Gamma Wave into Mighty Spark the opponent is incredibly vulnerable. They are airborne and because Hulk is just waiting there, he can either try to air grab, or depending on which way they tech, he can Gamma Tornado H their asses. See below.

From that distance Hulk can snag the enemy out of the air regardless of how they tech: forward, neutral, or back. Of course invincible air supers, air dashes, and some mashed attacks can mess up the strat, but if they don’t expect it they’re getting yoinked out of the air and killed. Also, you can scare them into blocking by kara-ing st. H. When they see that monster hand coming down to crush them what can they do besides block? Super armor forces them to respect it, and by the time they realized it, they’ve played right into your big green hand. And the best part? If they’re not dead yet, they will be.

There is something that you need to keep in mind however, and that’s the distance that Hulk tosses his unfortunate foes with the Gamma Tornado. The L and M versions chuck them pretty far away, about two Hulk dash hops. This allows you to combo and get them right into the corner. However the AA version doesn’t toss them half as far away, and you barely need one hop to combo off of it. Thus you get less distance on your combos and won’t get the same corner pressure, but hey if you’ve landed a Gamma Tornado reset, like I said, they’re dead regardless.

Go forth my fellow Hulk players, go and smash!

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MvC Origins Character Profiles – Venom, Storm, and Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s been in almost, wait no, he’s been in every single Marvel vs. Capcom game besides X-Men vs. Street Fighter, you know, cause he’s not an X-Man. I really enjoy his most recent incarnation in UMvC3, those Ultimate Web Throw resets are just sick, and throughout the series I’ve always thought he had very cool sprites. Venom though, I never really thought much about Venom.

He’s a great character, but there was nothing about his moveset that ever really spoke to me. Like Spidey, I thought his sprite was awesome – the more tongue and teeth you can show the better – and his sort of symbiote shadow darkness hyper looked great but… I don’t know. I do remember hearing a lot of Venom Fang! while I was playing my friends though.

Storm went from being a really mediocre assist in MvC to being a top tier playable character in MvC2. She continues her run of rock solid dominance in UMvC3, but it’s fun to see that she started out just putting up a wall of wind. Typhoon! Read all about that and more by clicking on the links below!

Venom, Storm, and Spider-ManMarvel Vs. Capcom Origins:Venom Storm Spider-Man

MvC Origins Character Profiles – Iron Man, Thor, and Thanos

This week we’ve got the last blast of heroes and villains in our MvC Origins series and I’m really disappointed that this awesome project has come to an end, but we only have so many characters to talk about. Thanos, man Thanos is a cool character. Power unimaginable in the palm of his hand. As an assist I don’t really remember Thor all that well. Looks like his lightning bolt hits a little high, was it good for locking the opponent down? No idea.

In UMvC3 apparently Iron Man’s not quite as good as some of his earlier incarnations. I wouldn’t know, I don’t play the guy, but I’ve always loved watching him whip out that Proton Cannon. It’s just so big. That’s what she said. Ok I’m done here, and you should get out there and pick up MvC Origins!

Iron Man, Thor, and ThanosMarvel vs. Capcom Origins

MvC Origins Character Profiles – Doctor Doom, Juggernaut, & Iceman

This Wednesday we rocked out with Doctor Doom, Juggy, the incredible mutant popsicle, Bobby Drake! We all know Doom is super freaking powerful in UMvC3 but I have no idea if he was any good in Marvel Super Heroes. Juggy had what, the most powerful super in the game with his Head Crush? Iceman, well he was just an assist. I have tons of fun watching practical Iceman play in MvC2, and Arctic Attack is super powerful if you know how to use it right. Heck, someone should make a combo video of these three characters together, see what they can come up with. See if they have synergy. But anyway, to the reading!

Doctor Doom, Juggernaut, and IcemanMarvel vs. Capcom Origins

MvC Origins Character Profiles – Hulk and Jubilee

Honestly, I was totally surprised when I saw that I was going to be writing about Jubilee. I had no idea she was in Marvel vs. Capcom and I can’t remember anyone ever having used her assist, or even seeing her assist for that matter. After a little searching – and thanks to the Marvel vs. Capcom Wiki – Jubilee’s assist looks something like this:

See Fireworks!

To be honest it’s like they ripped her straight from the 90’s cartoon, which is beyond awesome. Also, apparently Capcom got her original voice actress to record her only two spoken words in the game, “See fireworks,” according to Rage Quitter 87’s Marvel Vs. Capcom Shrine. That’s pretty incredible.

When it comes to the Hulk though, that’s my shit! I’ve never been a heavy execution type player so the Green Goliath has always appealed to my ham-handed sensibilities. Give me super armor or give me death! He’s on one of my main teams in UMvC3 and he’s definitely in my top five favorite comic book characters of all time – there’s just so much to love! Anyway, get to reading chumpzillas.

Hulk and JubileeMarvel vs. Capcom Origins

MvC Character Profiles – Captain America and U.S. Agent

The inaugural post from all the way back in August shines the spotlight on the Sentinel of Liberty and the U.S. Agent. Captain America has always had a totally awesome move set and in MvC that’s no different. I don’t know how awesome he was in Super Heroes because I never really had a chance to play it but I do know that finishing people off with Final Justice was one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Never actually saw what U.S. Agent’s assist was in MvC… Gonna go check that out right now.

Captain America and U.S. AgentMarvel vs. Capcom Origins

MvC Origins Character Profiles – Onslaught and Sentinel

Awww yeah, so now we get to dig in to two of the baddest dudes in the Marvel U – Onslaught and Sentinel. Onslaught almost conquered the globe with the combined abilities of Charles Xavier, Magneto, Nate Grey, and Franklin Richards. The Sentinels have plagued mutant kind for generations, a constant threat to their continued existence. They were responsible the for the genocide of Genosha, a loss of nearly 16 million mutant lives.

If you’ve played MvC2 you know how formidable Sentinel was, but in MvC the homicidal tin man was actually a non-playable secret assist character. Onslaught was the game’s final boss. BEHOLD MY MIGHTY HAND!

Onslaught and SentinelMarvel vs. Capcom Origins: Onslaught & Sentinel