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Greg Burgas Reviews The Art of War Graphic Novel

You’ve heard me hyping up The Art of War for months, but here’s your chance to read a review of the book by Greg Burgas, a gentleman scholar over at Comic Book Resources. This is the first ever review based on the entirety of The Art of War so if you want to know what a comics pro has to say about the book head over to CBR for the scoop!

“The Art of War is Strongly Recommended, and I encourage you all to pick it up when it shows up in a couple of months.”

Gotta say, the review is totally awesome and you guys need to check it out. It hints at some of the darker points in the book and some characters that you haven’t met yet if you’ve only read the preview. Definitely excited to see such a big site showing The Art of War some love, oh and don’t forget to pre-order the book! The first print run is limited and we want to make sure you get your copy!

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The Art of War Buzz

Hey everybody, just a short post here to bring your attention to some of the buzz that The Art of War has been getting in the recent past.  Thanks to everybody who posted!



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