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Unlimited Highlights: Carnage

51c36d530e769I think Carnage looks good in the red, white, and blue. Don’t you? This week is all about Cletus Kasady in Unlimited Highlights, and if you don’t know much about the fiend, this is a great place to get stated. I personally haven’t read a ton of Spider-Man/Symbiote stuff in a long while but all of these books brought a little something different to the table, expanding on the tragic and horrifying legacy of the crimson killer.

My personal favorite was Carnage’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #361. The way that Peter slowly uncovers more and more of Kasady’s atrocities, starting with his childhood? Man that was creepy. Well what are you waiting for? GET READING!



Fairest #16 Review over at DestroyTheCyborg

Fairest #16
Fairest #16

I have yet another review up over at DestroyTheCyborg, this time I talk about the latest addition to the Fairest series, Fairest #16. Witness the return of Prince Charming, dhole action, and other awesome!

Coming off of the awesome “Hidden Kingdom” arc that pit Rapunzel, searching for her lost children, against the Japanese fable community, does the second issue of “The Prince Who Would Be Maharaja” continue Fairest’s affinity for excellence? In a word: no, though the book does give us an interesting new female protagonist and the return of a character long thought lost during the Fabletown War.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!