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REVIEWS! Amala’s Blade, Pantalones, TX, and Justice League #21

JusticeLeague21CoverIt’s a straight up review deluge over at DestroyTheCyborg! I don’t know what’s gotten into me! First I take a look at Amala’s Blade, a beautiful little book coming out of Dark Horse by Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas. It has a very Avatar: The Last Airbender feel to it while remaining totally unique unto itself. It’s full of assassins and cyborgs and all manner of madness.

Then we dig into Justice League #21, the epic conclusion to Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s awesome Shazam story, which has been running in the back of nearly every New 52 Justice League issue to date. It’s great to see it finally take center stage for a full book.

Lastly I talk about a nifty little graphic novel out of Archaia, Pantalones, TX. It’s a lighthearted, all-ages romp that’ll get a giggle out of just about anyone. It’s not my usual kind of reading, but I really did enjoy the exploits of Chico Bustamante and his little gang as they tear across the blasted landscape of a small Texas town.

So yes, tons of reviews and you should head over and read them all!


The Power of Shazam – An Injustice Tutorial – Harnessing the Lightning

Billy Batson and Shazam

Shazam, Captain Marvel that was, is by far and away my favorite DC hero and when I heard that he was going to be a playable character in Injustice, well I was more than a little excited. I’ve played over a thousand matches using Earth’s Mightiest Mortal and I think I’ve got enough experience under my belt to help anyone out who wants to give the character a try.

I’m going to break this up into a series of posts, starting with an overview of the character, what I think makes him fun to play, and a breakdown of his strengths and weakness. Let’s get this party started, time to level up your game! SHAZAM!

Quick Overview
Billy Batson’s alter ego is all about the vortex. His skills are best put to use from two character lengths away and closer, that way he’s always in range for his unblockable, and unforunately crouchable, Herculian Rush. He’s a medium/high risk, medium reward character that relies on rushdown and great guesses to do the majority of his damage. If you can read your opponent and have a couple of meters stocked, he can do well over 70% damage in a flash. He’s got relatively easy combos and options to mixup opponents once he’s in close, but he’s at a serious disadvantage a screen away.

In short: Shazam is a mobile grappler/vortex character that requires quick reflexes and good reads to play effectively. Online it can be difficult to crank out victories because there’s no time to adjust to your opponents playstyle. But the wins are absolutely worth it.

Why Play Shazam?
First ask yourself a few questions. Do you like Shazam? Do you like putting people in a blender of pain? Hate zoning? Like unblockable command grabs? Like easy combos? Do you like resets? Do you despise the top tier? If you answered yes to any of the above then I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll enjoy playing as Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

He is not an easy mode character by any stretch of the imagination, so if you’re looking for Superman’s F2,3 you should try someone else. Like I said above, he’s one of the more challenging characters to use, but oh so satisfying.

Let’s talk about what makes Shazam a formidable fighting force that inspires fear when used to his full potential.

Impressive Mobility:
Shazam has a pretty decent forward and back dash that cover space quickly. He also has access to Advancing/Retreating Mercury, teleports that turn him completely intangible for a brief moment, allowing him to bypass projectiles and cross up opponents on the ground. His teleports are incredible on wakeup, capable of escaping most enemy’s jump-ins.

The Vortex: Shazam’s game revolves around getting up close and assaulting the opponent with his unblockable command grabs. Herculian Rush grabs standing opponents from surprising range, while Achilles Clutch grabs crouchers. He has all the tools he needs to start the pain, with an above average sweep, nice J1, ambiguous J2, and some exceptional overheads that lead into grabs. After a knockdown he has a host of options with which to plague his enemies, but keep in mind that the majority of them lose to wakeup attacks.

Useful Specials: All of Shazam’s special moves have a place in his game plan. None of them are useless. We’ll talk about them more in subsequent posts.

Great Ways to Punish Turtlers: Down back really isn’t an option against a good Shazam. He has his low-hitting Achilles Clutch grab, but also F1,2 – B2 – F3 and 2,2 which can be used to hide command grabs. Your opponents will soon realize that standing is a much better option, though that opens the door to Herculian Rushes and electrocution.

Decent Character Trait: Under the right circumstances, his trait can ratchet up his combo damage enormously, sometimes upwards of 10% even on longer combos. It powers up his punch attacks, adding more chip damage as well, and as long as you can turn it on and manage to land a hit, you’re in the money. It’s just that landing a hit part…


Unfortunately Shazam does have quite a few more weaknesses than he does strengths, but don’t let that deter you from picking him up. They are all more than manageable if you’re smart.

No Wakeup Game: One of the most glaring weaknesses pre-patch, Shazam now can use his teleports to get out of sticky wakeup situations. However, that’s really all he’s got. I suppose in a pinch you can do a wakeup Herculian Rush to kind of move you out of harms way, but stick to Advancing Mercury.

Loses at Range: Shazam stands no chance at range. His lightning bolt trades in the enemy’s favor at best. His dash is good enough that you can close the distance quickly, but you still have to be very, very patient. Also, while the teleport seems like a great way to get in fast, timing it so that Shazam dodges completely through projectiles is tricky in most cases and impossible in others.

No Low Threats: Honest to goodness, I think this is Shazam’s biggest weakness, there is virtually no reason why your opponent should be blocking low unless you’ve been beasting them with your command grab. He has a grand total of two, yes 2, low attacks: B 1,2,3 where the final hit is low, and his sweep. The first can be rolled out of and the second causes an untechable knockdown, but sweet Christmas, he has virtually no real high-low game. You need to make people FEAR the grab.

Normals Lack Range: Aside from 2,2 the Big Red Cheese needs to be right up in their face to hit people. He can’t poke in any real sense of the word, and aside from B2,3 which is duckable on the second hit, he has no attack that threatens more than a character length away. Unlike a majority of the cast whose B3 covers serious distance to wallop foes (Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman anyone?) Shazam sways back and punches right in front of his face, going nowhere.

No Easy Confirms: Unlike Superman and Batman, Shazam doesn’t have any easy confirms or strings that lead to big damage.

This fight is hard!
This fight is hard!

Meter Hungry: To do any real damage, you need meter. Badly. Even then, off of a raw meter burned Herculian Rush you’re only doing 37% with no trait. He needs to meter burn on all of his specials for damage and positioning, so in the second round meter management becomes much trickier depending on whether or not you want to save up for a wager.

In Conclusion
Hopefully you guys have some sort of idea about what Shazam is capable of, his playstyle, and his strengths and weaknesses. If you’re interested in picking up the character or you have any questions or comments, feel free to type them up below. Next time we’re going to be talking about strategy, his normals, and his specials, and what an ideal match looks like. Stay tuned!

Taking A Look Back at My Top 10 in Injustice

A few weeks (months?) ago I posted a little wish list to the fine people at DC Comics and NetherRealm Studios regarding their upcoming collaboration, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Since then we’ve seen some awesome character reveals, rounding out what is shaping up to be a formidable roster of do gooders and ne’er do wells.


That being said, my wish list is slowly getting filled out. If you follow me on Twitter at all (@kingofbreaker) you might remember I predicted everyone from MK vs. DC was going to be making it back for round two. That wasn’t hard to figure though, I mean NetherRealm already had character models and move sets to work with. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater you know? With that being said, my wish list didn’t include Batman, Superman, the obvious big guns that would be making their inevitable appearance and instead I tried to think a little out of the box. How did I do?

Well for heroes I wanted: Shazam (Captain Marvel), Guy Gardner, Aquaman, Hawkman (Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl), Beastboy (Animal Man, Vixen), Swamp Thing, Black Canary, Zatanna, Starfire, and Etrigan. For villains I was looking for: Lobo, Black Adam, Sinestro, Metallo (Cyborg Superman), Darkseid, Doomsday, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Poison Ivy, and Clayface.

Shazam, Aquaman, and Hawkwoman have been confirmed, so I got a couple right, which is awesome. It doesn’t look like very many of my villains will be seeing the light, and that may be just due to the fact that in Injustice, some heroes are acting as the baddies. I did guess Sinestro and Doomsday though, and I’m hoping that we see a little more variety in future villain reveals.

Who do we have right now? Joker, Harley Quinn, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, Bane, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday. That makes four Batman villains (I’m including Grundy just for the fact that he lives in Gotham), two Superman villains, and a Green Lantern villain. Let’s see what DC and NetherRealm have in store for us.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m very excited for April. I’m more than ready to blast people with lightning as Shazam, shove tridents where the sun don’t shine, and shoot people in the face with arrows! Come on April!

Bringing the Thunder: Shazam in Injustice

Bill Batson’s alter ego, Captain Marvel that was, master of the living lightning, Shazam smashes his way onto the already star studded roster of Injustice: Gods Among Us, trading blows with the crimson speedster in the latest Battle Arena footage. The Big Red Cheese looks like a one-man wrecking crew and I aim to break down some of the gameplay in these vids, normals, specials, super, to give you a feeling for how the hero plays.

Shazam Concept Art
Shazam Concept Art

I’m going to tell you right now, I’m maining Shazam. He’s always been my favorite DC hero, and while I wasn’t too enthused with his appearance in MK vs. DC, his Injustice iteration looks absolutely sick. The concept art alone deserves some serious praise. The team at NetherRealm has transformed one of the most classic costumes in comics into an ominously radical harbinger of pain to come.

You do know what I’m talking about right? I’m not a huge fan of the hood, but I personally think that he has the coolest costume of the entire roster. The electricity coming off his gauntlets is brilliant, and I hope they make an honest attempt to include that in-game.

Shazam’s Battle Arena video gives a pretty good indicator of what he’s capable of. He has some pretty quick normals, special moves that give him some very interesting mobility options, EX attacks that really allow for a teleport, a ranged projectile, and possibly a powerup special… Man Shazam’s looking like a bonafide jack of all trades here! But let’s break down some of his specials in a little more depth here.

Shazam Puts Down Supes
Shazam Puts Down Supes

Class Type – Super Strength
The wizard’s avatar is strong enough to take down Superman, so it’s no surprise that he’s going to be throwing around marquee signs (:31) and water towers (1:30).

I can’t say too much about Shazam’s normals unfortunately. He doesn’t look like he has a ton of range on any of his standard attacks. He has some punches and some kicks. That’s really all I’ve got for you.

Courage of Achilles (:33): Shazam calls down the lightning, igniting his fists with eldritch electricity. This looks like one of the few power up speicals in the game and I’m guessing it powers up the Big Red Cheese’s already (likely) beefy damage.

Speed of Mercury (:25, :44): I have to say that this teleport is the last thing I expected Shazam to be sporting. I know he had one in MK vs. DC, but he doesn’t really have anything quite like it in the comics. Here can teleport a short distance infront of him, going what appears to be completely intangible (maybe to both physical attacks and projectiles?) and closing the distance very quickly. While great for dodging attacks, this will be a key way to keep the pressure up after knockdowns that send the opponent flying.

Strength of Hercules (:57) EX (1:04): Shazam hauls off, gathering his power, and unleashes a massive punch that, if it connects, causes a wall bounce for a big combo. The punch also has super armor at a certain point, and likely can be used to blast through overzealous mashers. The EX version is Shazam’s stage transition attack and appears to have armor upon activation instead of having to charge the attack.

Power of Zeus (:45): I think we can count on this being Shazam’s go to projectile. He hucks a lightning bolt straight at his enemy’s face. It reminds me a lot of Sagat’s high Tiger Shot in that a lot of characters can probably duck under it. Still, this appears to be his only projectile, so I’m sure it’ll have its place when Shazam feels like zoning a bit.

Lightning Strike (:58): Shazam calls down a bolt of magic lightning from the heavens to strike his foe. When utilized in combos it looks like it keeps enemies aerial long enough to follow up with extra hits, though this may only be possible in the corner. It recovers quick, quick enough for him to combo out of it, and depending on the block stun, this may be a good move to throw out if your opponent likes to whiff things just outside of normal range.

Lightning and Captain Marvel

Lightning Crusher (:27, :49) EX (:37): Reminds me of a combination of Raiden’s lightning flight attack deal and M. Bison’s psycho crusher. Basically he spirals through the air doing damage. Might be good for a quick punish? You’ll notice that the EX version does two hits – the lightning crush, and then Shazam throws them bodily behind him. It almost looks like this might have a hit of super armor, but from what I understand EX moves can really only be triggered on hit so… Maybe not?

Lightning Tackle (:40) EX (:40): Shazam tackles his enemy and they get hit by a big ol’ lightning strike. If this is an unblockable command grab… Oh man I will be happy. However let’s just assume that right now it can only be used in combos. If it scores a knockdown it might be useful as a combo ender. The EX version bounces the opponent up with the lightning and Shazam can follow up with more punishment. I love how fluid his combos look, and his EX moves really add a ton of extra damage opportunities at the cost of lots of meter.

Aerial Slam (:41) EX (:41): Our stalwart hero grabs his foe, flies into the air, and hurls them at the ground. Simple but sweet. In the EX version Shazam spends a little bar to follow them down to the ground and slams into them feet first, bouncing them up into the air for a little extra damage. Like the Lightning Tackle, I’m unsure of the properties of this attack. Does it only work on airborne opponents in combos? Can it be used on grounded enemies? So many questions!

Super Combo
High Voltage (1:52): Prepare for pain. Shazam uppercuts his unfortunate adversary into the stratosphere where he puts on a clinic in extreme electrical prejudice. Amidst stormy skies he lands a few bone crushing blows and elbows them back to terra firma, though before they can hit the ground he snatches them, spins the living crap out of them, and then sends them hurtling to the ground. It looks EASY as crap to land, and could be done off of nearly any EX attack, or even his Lightning Strike. It’s just a simple uppercut. Depending on the damage and how easy it is to build meter, this may be a useful addition to Shazam’s arsenal.

Final Thoughts
I am LOVING the way Shazam looks in this game. His costume is one of the best, if not the best, in the roster and his combos look awesome as all get out. I also like that we can attribute almost every one of his special attacks to the deities that power him. The only people that seem left out are the Wisdom of Solomon and the Stamina of Atlas – Hercules, Achilles, Zeus, and Mercury are all accounted for. Right now, from what I can tell, he’s looking like a very very solid character. He has mobility, projectiles, a teleport, a plethora of useful EX attacks, and an easily comboable super. Prepare to get, THUNDERSTRUCK!

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Thoughts on Deathstroke

With Slade’s Injustice reveal earlier this week, there are only three characters from DC vs. MK that haven’t made it into the roster yet – Captain Marvel, Darkseid, and Lex Luthor. NetherRealm, please please please give us Captain Marvel! Anyway, while I may not be the biggest fan of the merciless mercenary in the DCU, his Teen Titans counterpart was pretty darn awesome and his inclusion in this isn’t that much of a surprise. From what I’ve gleaned from the reveal trailer Deathstroke’s going to have some of his old tricks along with some cool new jazz, so check it out!

In the previous game Deathstroke sported a sword, handgun, and some bombs. In Injustice he’s looking a ton more lethal with a big bad assault rifle that appears to double as a grenade launcher. I have a feeling that his special button is going to switch him from standard punch and kick normals to sword attack normals with added range and damage, ala Wonder Woman.

It looks like he’s got a host ranged specials (anti-air :17, 44, horizontal :23) and a variety of sword normals/specials (:29, 45). It also appears that when it comes to manipulating the environment he’s going to be in the “gadget” category like Batman (:27). And his super move? Absolutely brutal. I love it. We haven’t had any of the NetherRealm guys break down Slade’s skill set yet, but I have a feeling that he’ll be more of an “in your face” brawler with a sub-par, but annoying, ranged game he can fall back on. Only time will tell.

I’m gonna work on a little Green Arrow write-up next because for some reason Olly’s really looking sick in this game. I don’t rightly know why… Anyway, stay tuned gang!

My 10 Most Wanted Heroes and Villains for Injustice: Gods Among Us

When I heard that Injustice was going to feature 28 playable characters my mind briefly shut down just contemplating the epic grudge matches that could play out with a cast that huge. After I had recovered I started to think about who I would want NetherRealms to actually develop for the game and came up with a list of heroes and villains that I’d like to play. Feel free to comment and add your own, I’m much less versed in DC characters than I am Marvel so if you think I need to add somebody let me know!

Top 10 Heroes

Jeff Smith’s Captain Marvel

1) Captain Marvel/Shazam
Billy Batson and his awesome-alter ego Captain Marvel (I’m not sure if they’re actually calling him Shazam in the new DC U) have always been my favorite characters since I started buying my own comics. There’s just something so awesome, so primal, about the scream and lightning strike that I’ve always loved. Not only that but Captain Marvel has some serious powers, what with the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury he’s more than a match for anyone he comes up against.

Guy being awesome

2) Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan is about as interesting as wet cardboard most of the time. Guy on the other hand has the fire, the attitude, and the ability to make it in a game like this. He’s by far and away my favorite Green Lantern, if not for his arrogance, then for his steadfast commitment to upholding justice and protecting the Corps.

Trident combat!

3) Aquaman
I’ve always liked Arthur Curry and it’s a shame he hasn’t been as well received as the other members of the Justice League. I think his latest incarnation would look great in Injustice, especially wearing some custom NetherRealm armor and brandishing that awesome trident. If he somehow manages to make it into the game without the it, well I’ll be disappointed.

4) Hawkman/Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl
I don’t care which of these characters makes it in, I just know that I’d love to smack my enemies around with a mace. Sure the wings might look a little unwieldy, but with a little effort (Tekken has Devil Jin/Kazuya) I think they could make it work really well. Again, I’d love to see what NetherRealm could do with the designs, especially since the Halls are so into armor and medieval style weaponry.

5) Beast Boy/Animal Man/Vixen
I don’t care which one of these characters they put in the game, as long as at least one of them is in there. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the days of Bloody Roar passed, but I want a hero that can change into animals or channel animal abilities into the game. I think if it was done well it could be really awesome. Charging rhino, eagle style dive kicks, electric eel shocks, that stuff would be awesome.

6) Swamp Thing
If we’re going to be running heroes with an animal theme, why not throw in a character with a plant connection? With his recent reintegration into the main DCU I think this is a more plausible choice than it would have been a year ago. The Swamp Thing is strong, durable, and one hell of a cool character. Long range command grabs with vines, status-changing spore attacks, there’s so much you could do with a guy like this.

7) Black Canary
We can’t just have Harley and Wonder Woman throwing down with the boys, and Dinah Lance can dish out some serious punishment. I imagine her having the same type of abilities that Sindel had in MK9, she needs that Canary Cry, but she would need to be a physical threat as well. She straight up kicks loads of ass.

8) Zatanna
I have a feeling that Zatanna would fit nicely into a ranged combatant in a game like this. Her spells could keep enemies away and if needed she could buff herself to get in and mix it up. Plus it’d be awesome to actually hear someone articulate her backward word spells.

9) Starfire
Starfire has super strength, flight, and projectiles. She can hang with the best and she would be a welcome change to the primarily white cast we’ve seen thus far, you know being orange and all. I’d also be interested to see what type of costume they could think up for her.

10) Etrigan
The Demon probably won’t be making an appearance in the game but hey this is a wish list. He’s a really unique character, speaks in rhyme (does he still do that?), breathes fire, and comes from the depths of Hell. Think… Firebrand on steroids minus the wings.

Top 10 Villains


1) Lobo
This is the only villain that I absolutely want to see in this game. Who doesn’t want to see the insanely violent mayhem this guy could cause? He’s the perfect character for Injustice and I hope against hope that he makes the cut.

2) Black Adam
If it somehow happens that Captain Marvel doesn’t make the cut, I’ll take his villainous archenemy as a substitute. He’s a great villain and powerful enough to serve Superman a fist in face sandwich. He has super strength, can fly, call down the lightning, and has absolutely no regard for human life. I’ll take it!

3) Sinestro
With all the hype we saw with Blackest Night I’d be very surprised if at least one Green Lantern villain didn’t make it into Injustice. I think Sinestro makes a lot of sense, and he’d make a great addition, especially with those fear constructs, just NetherRealm, please, no boxing glove. Please.

4) Metallo/Cyborg Superman
Do we have any metallic guys yet? Any robots? Didn’t think so. Metallo or Cyborg Superman would be great, especially if they could assimilate some of the destructible objects into their bodies, changing their move sets. I keep hearing about how the Batmobile can shoot missiles, well what if after activating the Batmobile Metallo could launch a limited number of missiles at the enemy? Cool right?

Cross up Omega Beams FTW!

5) Darkseid
I realize I’m throwing a ton of Superman villains in here, but he has such an awesome cast of enemies, but none of them are badder than Darkseid. I didn’t particularly like his DC vs. Mortal Kombat incarnation so I think this is a chance for them to give him another chance. My only requirement for the new Darkseid? Cross-up Omega Effect projectile. I mean if they can change directions, why not put that in the game. Plus it would be so freaking awesome.

6) Doomsday
This monster killed Superman. Put him in the game.

7) Gorilla Grodd
Like Etrigan I don’t see Grodd making it into the game but it would be really fun beating people up with a gorilla. Really I think that’s the sole reason for him being on this list.

8) Cheetah
She’s fast, brutal, and one of Wonder Woman’s oldest enemies. I think she would fit right into this madness and if none of my other animal themed heroes make it she’d be better than nothing.

9) Poison Ivy
If we don’t get Swamp Thing then I hope Poison Ivy gets a spot for all the reasons I mentioned above. She’d be a bit more of a ranged fighter, depending more on her plants than her own physical prowess, and I’d love to see what projectiles NetherRealm could come up for her.

10) Clayface
He’s gross and awesome and I’m sure they’d do some awesome animations that really take advantage of his metamorphic body. He’d just be a fun character to use, not only that but it would be great if he was a mimic, but not of characters in the game. No he’d mimic Batman villains like Two Face, Joker, Penguin, and so on. Yeah that’d be sweet.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Is A Great DC Comics Fighter in the Works?

If you guys haven’t heard, NetherRealm studios, the fabulous people behind the storied Mortal Kombat franchise, are taking another crack at bringing the DC Universe to the fighting game scene. Just the other day they released the first trailer for their new game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and man does it look pretty. Sure it borrows from that moment-in-time opening we saw in UMvC3, but really who cares when it looks this good?

The only problem I have with the trailer is at the beginning, “What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threats.” Where’s the question mark guys? You are asking a question right? Anyway aside from the English nitpickery I thought maybe I’d try to go over what we know about the game so far. Well right off the bat (hehe) the game will feature Batman, Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, and Wonder Woman as playable characters.

There will be some sort of meter system involved, as indicated by Superman punching Flash into orbit. It will also feature what looks to be a robust environmental awareness element, coupled with breakable objects that can be used in combat. Each character will interact with these objects differently given their type: power, gadget, etc. Check out the video below to get the info directly from the horse’s mouth, Ed Boon himself.

What’s In A Name?
Let me start off by saying that I honestly think the title for this game is incredible. It’s a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s filled with banal “Generic Franchise Name and a Number.” The title is mind its provocative and compelling, and hints at something bigger, darker, and more sinister than what you might find in the typical fighting game.

NetherRealm Studios: Can They Hack It?
The other thing that I like is DC’s choice of NetherRealm as a developer. They already have a working relationship so it’s a partnership that makes sense. Not only will Injustice be their second game together, but after the success of Mortal Kombat 9, NetherRealm has proven they can create a game that appeals to the masses, is deep enough for sustained competitive play, and are willing to think outside the box to give both the casual audience and the veteran crowd something they can enjoy.

That being said, I’m also worried about NetherRealm Studios. They are virtually untested outside of their own firmly established franchise. Do they know how to make a fighting game appealing without getting their flagship characters involved? Will they be able to channel what makes DC characters great while providing an immersive, challenging, and fulfilling fighting game experience? I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They have some pretty decent people on board, their initial character designs look great, and if the story mode in MK9, heads and tails beyond really any fighter we’ve seen to date, is any indicator I think they stand a great chance at making a great game.

Captain Cold anyone?

It Won’t Just Be Mortal Kombat 9 With DC Characters… Right?
If that were the case then this game will be aptly named. I can’t think of anything more disappointing than if NetherRealm made Mortal Kombat 9 with DC character skins. I’m not expecting them to reinvent the wheel here, they should certainly utilize whatever technology they have available, but I think it’s important to create some sort of distance between this game and Mortal Kombat.

Destructible Objects and Different Arenas
I don’t mind when developers decide to shake things things up a bit, evolution is the lifeblood of an industry, and I think that arenas and destructible objects could add some interesting possibilities to a game like this. However, from a balance standpoint, especially if this game wants to compete with EVO contenders, NetherRealm needs to be VERY careful as to how they implement this stuff. I can only imagine it transforming into the train wreck that was Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. While kind of fun, it eventually devolved into players running around trying to throw cars and flammable barrels at each other. So much damage!

Character Types?
When Ed Boon references character types, Power and Gadget thus far, I think these categories will affect how the characters interact with their environments. He mentions that Wonder Woman can lift cars to use as weapons, while Batman can use his gadgets to manipulate the same car in different ways. That begs the question, “What other types of characters are out there?” Power and Gadget would be a strange duo on their own, and I think we can expect NetherRealm to reveal other types the closer we get to release.

Who’s Gonna Make the Cut?

This is what drives the hype train, and with an incredible 28 characters predicted, I can only imagine who DC and NetherRealm are going to bring to the table. I have my own want list that I’m going to go over in more depth a little later, but with nearly thirty characters on the way I’m really excited.

Who else are we gonna see here?

Final Thoughts
I’m excited for Injustice, I really am. It’s got a kicking title, a studio that knows its business, a massive pool of incredible characters to pick from, and enough interesting ideas to really give us something great. I do have reservations though, especially when it comes to the use of destructible objects and NetherRealm’s relative inexperience developing foreign IPs. Everything aside, I’m very excited to see what comes out of the E3 demo and hopefully it’ll give us tons to talk about.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!