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Comic Books and St. Patrick’s Day

The Marquis

Unless St. Patty’s is on a Wednesday this probably isn’t a topic that you see all that often, however I just have a quick story to share before I’m off to go get silly with my girlfriend in East Lansing.

Alright so back in the day, I think it was 2007, I was a sophomore at Michigan State University and it was Saint Patrick’s day, a time when most students get up earlier than they have for class all year and pound beer all day long.

Really we should call it Dionysus’ Day…  Anyway, so as I was saying I was a sophomore and at 8 a.m. this is what my roommate Nick and I were doing –

Drinking in our frigid dorm room at 8 a.m.

Typical MSU student shenanigans.  I think we had over 100 bottles and cans of beer in our mini fridge and a growler full of some thick madness that we finished , obviously with help, throughout the day.  Actually, here’s a photograph of the majority of the alcoholics that joined in the boozing –

The gang's almost all here, just missing Karen and Jeremy I think...

Right so why do I bring up any of this?  What does this have to do with comics?  Well it was on this fateful day, St. Patty’s 2007, that I met Guy Davis artist extraordinaire for the first time.  And I was fucking wasted.  If you don’t know who Guy Davis is then get with the program!  Artist for B.P.R.D.?  Modern monster master?  Guy had an amazing run on the Sandman Mystery Theatre and is by far and away one of the most consistently awesome artists pumping out comics today!

The local comic book shop had him in for a signing, on this day of all days, and so in hopes that I could get some of my stuff autographed and meet one of my idols I attempted to sober up for half an hour after drinking for about 3 and headed out to the comic book shop, leaving my friends to booze without me.  I think that may have been the longest walk of my life.

But man was it worth it!  I think.  Details are hazy but from what I can remember I didn’t make a total fool of myself.  I purchased a copy of The Marquis which is one of the few graphic novels that I still read over and over, got it signed, and got about 5 or 6 issues of B.P.R.D. signed.  He was the first creator I ever met and I think that we had a small conversation about Hellboy, the Bureau, and drinking in general.

Since then I’ve run into Guy at maybe 3-4 other cons (Detroit Fanfare, and the MSU Comics Forum among others) and each time I tell him about our little meeting on St. Patrick’s Day.  Luckily, or unluckily I suppose, he doesn’t remember that fateful day which is probably a good thing and I hope I’ve made a better impression since then.  He made an impression on me though, even through my drunken stupor.  He’s professional, courteous, and seems to enjoy conversing with fans.  He’s always a blast to talk to and I can’t wait to see him again, I want a Judge Death sketch!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!  Booze huge and stay safe!