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Unlimited Highlights: The Future Foundation

Unlimited Highlights: FF


This week, to coincide with the awesome Matt Fraction and Mike Allred FF #1, Unlimited Highlights is blasting off with five issues to clue you in on the new team. My favorite issue this week? FF #1 (2010). Why? Because it sets the stage for Inhuman drama and the return of Black Bolt in issue #6.

If you haven’t picked up FF #1 yet, I highly recommend it. It stars two of my favorite Marvel females, She-Hulk and Medusa. Any Inhuman action is good action. Matt Fraction’s writing is top of the line while  Mike Allred’s art is out of this world, perfect for a Fantastic Four book. Plus, there’s one particular panel that I absolutely love, She-Hulk puffing a little hair out of her eye before throwing a devastating haymaker. I’m sold.