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TMNT: Out of the Shadows – Donatello Breakdown

tmnt-donatelloOn the NES he was everyone’s go to turtle because of that beautiful bo staff, that’s right folks, today we’re talking the mean machine-lover Donatello! We still have a couple of weeks until Out of the Shadows drops, so that means here at I Speak Comics we’re going to scrutinize every character trailer, break down what’s going down, and make a lot of baseless assumptions about combat and gameplay mechanics. Take EVERYTHING here with a huge helping of salt. Sound good?

Before we get started, let’s put a few things on the table. From what I’ve been hearing, TMNT: Out of the Shadows will have combat that resembles the Batman: Arkham series. There are some very choice moments in all the clips where I can very much see that being possible, so I’m going to base a lot of the language and comparisons I use around Arkham. Cool? So without further ado, let’s talk about the Testudine techie, Donnie!

Numerical Values!
As of right now it seems like we can break the turtles down into having four unique characteristics: power, range, mobility, speedPower indicates the strength of their attacks, range indicates the distance from which they can hit enemies, mobility is their movement speed and ability to dodge, and speed is how quickly they can chain attacks together. Going from everything we’ve heard, and assigning some arbitrary and again, baseless, numbers, we might suppose Donnie would look a little like – Power: 4, Range: 4, Mobility: 1, Speed: 1. Obviously, the higher the number the better the turtle is in that aspect so here he’s capable of dealing the most damage from furthest away, but he’s a real clunker.

Let’s Talk Attacks
Now let’s get down to the actual nitty gritty pixels we saw in the trailer above. First thing, I want to draw your eye quickly to 12 seconds in, just before the first big power blow. Notice how the enemy is sort of keeled over? I think this indicates that enemies can be stunned. Will it be like Batman hitting thugs in the face with his cape, a brief period of dizziness allowing for a free attack? Will every turtle have access to an attack like this?

The next thing of note is at 15 seconds, where Donnie utilizes his launcher. He immediately follows it up with a spike. First let me say I’m geeked for launchers. That opens up a whole new dimension of aerial combat that was absent from Arkham’s wholly ground-focused gameplay. I’m curious though, can you choose to avoid the spike and simply leave them to fall into a juggle combo? That’d be a addition to the combo system.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 1.26.58 PM

Specials Attacks? Who knows!
At right around 20 seconds you’ll see him spin the bo staff around his neck. If it’s an attack I don’t know how much range it would have or how useful it could be, but god does it look sweet! Then comes one of the coolest attacks in the trailer, Donnie channels a little Neo, planting his staff, jumping, and running on faces (:21). If you’ll notice, every enemy he kicks in the face falls down, likely freeing Donnie up some space for extra punishment. Crowd clearing anyone?

At :32 we’ve got the toe tap, aka dance monkey, aka one of Kilik’s most annoying attacks from Soul Calibur. Maybe this is a way to open up turtling (heh) opponents? I can’t imagine many uses for it besides to style on fools. Then at :33 he’s got a bo staff flash kick, an homage to the one and only Guile of Street Fighter fame. Don’t forget about the whirlwind, as Donnie takes a page out of Guan Yu’s book and cosplays a whirlwind (:37), swinging his staff in two huge circles with massive range. For all it’s range, this doesn’t look spammable, as you’ll notice one of the Foot soldiers blocking the attack.

I’m very happy to say that it also looks like our turtles have a parry/counter move. Check at about 40 seconds in, Don blocks an attack from behind and then whips around and lands a crushing blow to his nefarious ninja opponent. I know there’s not a lot to go on here, but look closely. There’s a brief flash of light, then the Foot’s arms go up in the air along with his sword, a very “countered” stance. Though I could absolutely be wrong. I don’t think I am though… Anyway!

One of the best examples of the free-flow combat we might see in Out of the Shadows is right at :28, where Donnie knocks a ninja down, then immediately turns and throws an enemy that’s standing behind him. Very Batman. I wonder though, is there a throw button? We’ve heard that there’s a weapon attack button and a kick button, and likely a dodge/roll button, but what triggers a throw? Could you throw in Batman, or was that only when the combo counter got high enough? I can’t remember, but hey, we’ve got awesome looking throws!

Not the End!
So that’s it for this entry, I hope you guys enjoyed it and took a look at the trailer a little more closely. There’s a bunch of stuff in there to get you hyped for this game, and more specifically for our favorite staff-wielding turtle. He’s got power and range, a slew of awesome attacks, and more than enough style to swing a stick at. I’m going to be doing Raphael tomorrow, so look out for that. Grab some pizza and I’ll see you soon!

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