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Kelly and Mike are Signing Copies of The Art of War at NYCC TODAY!

If you’re heading out to New York City Comic Con at the Javits Center make sure that you stop by HarperCollins’ table where Kelly and Mike will be signing copies of their incredible graphic novel, The Art of War. They’ll be slinging the ink from 3:30 to 4:30, so you’ve got an hour to get your book autographed and shoot the breeze with these truly inspired gentlemen. Wish I could be there, but you guys will let me know how it goes right?

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Kelly and Mike will be Signing The Art of War at NYCC!

Book Signing at New York Comic Con
The guys will have a table this time. I swear.

Hey everyone, if you know anything about me you’ll know that I talk about The Art of War a lot, and for good reason. It’s gotten killer reviews from The San Francisco Chronicle, The Austin Chronicle, and even Greg Burgas from Comic Book Resources. Don’t believe me? Check out The Art of War’s official site to read a 3-chapter preview. Lemme warn you now: Prepare to be amazed.

So yeah, the book kicks a lot of ass. So what? Well do you live in the New York area? Are you planning on attending the awesome that is New York City Comic Con? If you answered yes to either of these questions you should absolutely go check out Kelly and Mike at the HarperCollins booth within NYCC! They’ll be signing books on October 12, this coming Friday, from 3:30 – 4:30! You don’t wanna miss this incredible opportunity to meet and greet two awesome creators, the men responsible for one of the most unique works of comics fiction in years. Seriously, you don’t wanna miss this!

If you can make it out, head over to the Javits Convention Center and show the guys a little love. You’ll be glad you did.

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Get the book right now!

Check out the 3-chapter sample of The Art of War at http://www.theartofwargraphicnovel.com
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Mike DeWeese’s Dark Knight Rises T-shirt

Getting hyped for Bane and the The Dark Knight Rises? The folks at Design by Humans are too and they’ve even got a t-shirt contest going for the flick. Fans can post designs, and whoever’s design gets the most votes wins!

Well our very own Mike DeWeese, the incredible artist behind The Art of War’s awesome aesthetics, entered one of his own amazing designs to the contest. I mean check this beauty out!

The Mouth of Bane

Well what are you waiting for? Head over to Design by Humans to give Mike’s shirt a vote, you’ll be glad you did!

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Check out the 3-chapter sample of The Art of War at http://www.theartofwargraphicnovel.com
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The Art of War’s Kelly Roman Talks a Little China

I’ve been talking a lot with Kelly Roman, a friend who’s been busy writing a graphic novel, The Art of War, with his artist counterpart Michael Deweese for these past 5 years.  Specifically, we’ve been conversing about his influences for the book and how the recent media explosion surrounding Action Comics #900 could lead to more mainstream media stories on “socially relevant” comics.

In this short interview we talk about Kelly’s thoughts on China as a world power, an issue I can safely say he’s mildly obsessed about, his inspirations for The Art of War, and comics and politics.

I Speak Comics: First, could you explain what The Art of War is about?

Kelly: On a deeper level it’s a story about how vengeance still leaves you emptyhanded.   From a plot perspective, the book takes place in the future when Wall Street is militarized and China is the dominant economy.  Our hero follows his murdered brother’s footsteps and goes to work for Sun Tzu, who oversees China’s investments around the world. I think the book is a meditation on how successfully waging war is about making your opponent exhaust his resources.  There’s a strange addiction to the fight instinct, even though it destroys us.

ISC: What were your inspirations for the book?

K: China’s rise as a superpower. The Art of War was written 2500 years ago in China, and boy we’ve been seeing it play out, even if we don’t realize it.  Their economy is going to surpass ours in 2016 according to the IMF.  That’s not far in the future.

ISC: Specifically, what current events do you think give credence to the overt Chinese influences portrayed in your graphic novel?  You show Times Square transformed by traditional Chinese architecture and such.

K: I use visual metaphor to raise questions, not to show you a photograph of the future.  I depict Chinatown as 50 times its current size in Manhattan. It’s a metaphor. And there are Chinatowns in every major city of the US.  Did you know that today, in reality, the Chinese government is looking at buying Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae? My images point to that reality.

ISC: Would you call this a cautionary tale for the United States?  Was it ever intended as such?

K: There is something politically seductive about China, because they appear to be very patient and measured and thoughtful in their approach.  But we also need to remember that they brutally repress voices of dissent.  And we need to remember that they have an enormous, sometimes nationalistic population that requires access to vast natural resources.   People like to take comfort in the size and strength of the US military, but a military like ours is not sustainable.  We are already seeing Republicans concede that military cuts will need to occur if we are to have a viable economy.  That used to be unheard of.

ISC: Recently, we saw the American media explode over Superman renouncing his US citizenship in Action Comics #900.  Whether it was canon or not, possible presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee blasted the Man of Steel for his actions.  It was a great example of how comics can influence the media and expose social opinions and ideas.  Do you think that The Art of War is poised to do the same thing?

K: Just like immigration, China is going to be a main focus of the 2012 presidential election, and HarperCollins (my US publisher) are I are going to do our best to insert The Art of War into the conversation. I launched a YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/racecardriver, where I’m posting videos of average Americans sharing their thoughts about China becoming the most powerful nation on Earth.  And there’s a free 50 page sample from the graphic novel on the book’s website (http://www.theartofwargraphicnovel.com/) that people can read and, I hope, use to help understand the world we are living in.

ISC: Do you think it’s ironic that you’re using The Art of War, an ancient Chinese manuscript, something that is in fact very “Chinese,” in a narrative that brings to light the looming threat of China as the world’s most powerful nation?

K: I don’t see it as ironic, so much as straightforward.  There’s nothing ironic about a gun’s instructional manual describing how to fire the gun.

Read The Art of War 3-chapter sample here

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The Art of War Author and Artist Prepped to Bleed for their Book

Blood and belief often go hand-in-hand.  This May, two talented New Yorkers will be giving their own blood to celebrate the completion of their graphic novel, The Art of War, and using it to sign free 3-chapter previews of their book.  Aside from a few other select comic book productions receiving the biological treatment from their creators, Kelly Roman and Mike Deweese, author and artist respectively, are doing something sensationally different.

To give you just a little background, the book depicts a future when China is the dominant economy and Wall Street is militarized.  Kelly was inspired to write the story in 2007 after reading a Wall Street Journal article about China investing billions of dollars in Blackstone, an American private equity firm.  The world he came up with is terrifyingly prophetic, with a gritty Blade Runner-esque feel that Mike hammers home in every single panel.

But when Kelly first proposed the idea of the bloodletting, I was skeptical.  “Is that even legal?” I thought.  Yet the more I mulled it over the more the idea grew on me.  How could you possibly show more enthusiasm and conviction for your creation than by bleeding for it?  Kelly found a way: by bleeding in front of a crowd!

On May 19th in Chinatown’s Columbus Park, the destination a courteous bow to the original manuscript’s author and Kelly’s inspiration, these guys will be having their blood drawn by a registered health care professional, dousing stamps that say “The Art of War,” and marking free copies of the 3-chapter preview for fans.

They’ve spent 5 years writing, penciling, storyboarding, digitally inking, coloring, revising, and editing this book into the beautiful graphic novel it is today.  While I’ve only been riding with them for about a year now I’m just as excited as they are for the bloodletting.  It will mark the culmination of a long and arduous process crafting a work that, when you look at current events, borders on the prescient.

In this insane post-Action Comics #900 world, where everyone from your grandmother to your mayor has an opinion about comic books and their role in American culture, The Art of War is going to give us even more to talk about.

The Art of War is slated for a Spring 2012 release through HarperCollin’s imprint !t Books, so this will be one of your only chances to pick up a physical copy of their work before next year.  If you can’t make it to the event Kelly was kind enough to put up the 3-chapter preview over at TheArtofWarGraphicNovel.com.

Read the official Press Release for the Blood, Sweat and Tears event here

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