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Unlimited Highlights: Carnage

51c36d530e769I think Carnage looks good in the red, white, and blue. Don’t you? This week is all about Cletus Kasady in Unlimited Highlights, and if you don’t know much about the fiend, this is a great place to get stated. I personally haven’t read a ton of Spider-Man/Symbiote stuff in a long while but all of these books brought a little something different to the table, expanding on the tragic and horrifying legacy of the crimson killer.

My personal favorite was Carnage’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #361. The way that Peter slowly uncovers more and more of Kasady’s atrocities, starting with his childhood? Man that was creepy. Well what are you waiting for? GET READING!



MvC Origins Character Profiles – Venom, Storm, and Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s been in almost, wait no, he’s been in every single Marvel vs. Capcom game besides X-Men vs. Street Fighter, you know, cause he’s not an X-Man. I really enjoy his most recent incarnation in UMvC3, those Ultimate Web Throw resets are just sick, and throughout the series I’ve always thought he had very cool sprites. Venom though, I never really thought much about Venom.

He’s a great character, but there was nothing about his moveset that ever really spoke to me. Like Spidey, I thought his sprite was awesome – the more tongue and teeth you can show the better – and his sort of symbiote shadow darkness hyper looked great but… I don’t know. I do remember hearing a lot of Venom Fang! while I was playing my friends though.

Storm went from being a really mediocre assist in MvC to being a top tier playable character in MvC2. She continues her run of rock solid dominance in UMvC3, but it’s fun to see that she started out just putting up a wall of wind. Typhoon! Read all about that and more by clicking on the links below!

Venom, Storm, and Spider-ManMarvel Vs. Capcom Origins:Venom Storm Spider-Man

Savage Land Unlimited Highlights: Needs more Chtylok

Chtylok Love in Super Hero Squad!

I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Chytlok.  This week for my Marvel.com Unlimited Highlights we covered the Savage Land, which Skaar, the son of the Incredible Huk, will be conquering come April.

The Savage Land is a prehistoric paradise populated by creatures, flora, and fauna that have gone extinct on the surface world.  It exists as the missing link between the present and the past.  Did I mention that dinosaurs roam the wilds of this incredible ecosystem?

It’s true!  The place has dinosaurs, cave men, mastodons, you name it, it’s there.  However during this week’s Unlimited Highlights, which you can check out here, I was surprised to find that probably the most astounding creature of the Savage Land was left woefully out: Chytlok!  From the unholy union of Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo’s meat preferences comes a creature most foul, a 25-foot tall half chicken half cow monstrosity that can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk!  Look at this thing, how can you not love it?


A lot of my love for this freakish poultry/beef fusion dance conglomeration springs from pure nostalgia.  Before my sixteenth birthday I rarely got comics and the books that I did get my hands on I read cover to cover, over and over ’til they fell apart.  I owned the first appearance of the Chtylok in The Sensational Spider-Man #13 all the way back in 1997.  The plot isn’t important, though from what I remember it’s ridiculously awesome (If Stegron’s in it, what do you expect?), but just the sheer ridiculosity of Chtylok rings true in my memory.

It’s a 25-foot tall and half chicken, half cow, a great example of how much fun writers and artists can have with the Savage Land.  It’s a land of infinite possibilities, created by aliens, filled with extinct or unheard of creatures from Earth’s past, and ready to be exploited by creators everywhere.  I don’t know how much else I can say about this crazy chicken creature, it was only in two issues, except I hope that eventually someone brings back the Chtylok because honestly, it was so much fun to read!  Please Marvel writers, bring me some more Chtylok!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Showdown Spotlights: Round 2

Me = Sumo

Hey there duders, this week we saw a whole slew of brand new MvC3 Showdown Spotlights on Marvel.com written by yours truly.  Once again I gotta give a shout out to my awesome editor, Ryan Penagos, for giving me this opportunity and also the ineffable Harry Go for making such striking graphics.

Also, I think I’ll just write a couple of sentences on why some characters were matched up with others and shed a little light on my thinking, or lack there of as it were.  Also, feel free to comment on any of these match-ups because gosh knows some of you are going to have something to say.  AWAY WE GO!

Spider-Man vs. Zero
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Spider-Man vs. Zero
Alright, so these two characters were part of the last bundle of the roster that hadn’t been matched up yet so I thought, “Why not?”  Zero is a robot with a laser sword and an energy blaster.  Spider-Man has fought cyborgs with those same exact weapons a million times over.  I thought this would be a no-brainer for Spidey but man was I wrong.  Fans totally picked Zero.  I wonder why?

Dormammu vs. Morrigan
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Dormammu vs. Morrigan
I had these two going up against each other because they’re both creatures of magic, demons of the highest order.  However, at the end of the day I gave this to Dormammu.  Unless Morrigan dug deep and unlocked her full potential (which has been rumored to equal Pyron’s planet-destroying power) the Lord of Chaos has this easy.

Shuma-Gorath vs. Chris Redfield
MvC3 Showdown: Shuma-Gorath vs. Chris Redfield
This match-up came down to pure appearances: Shuma looks exactly like something you’d find crawling out of a burning Umbrella research facility.  He’s big, green, and tentacle-y.  Chris shoots, flamethrows, and knifes nasty things like that every day of his god dang life.  However, Shuma-Gorath is also a uber-powerful demon who could smoosh Chris into oblivion.  Shuma ftw.

She-Hulk vs. Spencer
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: She-Hulk vs. Spencer
I was swayed to pit these two against each other purely for alliterative purposes.  I like the way those S’ sound.  She-Hulk vs. Spencer, yeah, I stand by that decision.  Unfortunately Shukie takes this one in a landside.  Sure Spencer’s gone up against some pretty heavy shit, but he’s never gone hand-to-hand with someone who can smash mountains.  She-Hulk would have no problem ripping his bionic arm off.  However, if Rad got the drop on Jen, well then it would be all over for her alter-ego.

Doctor Doom vs. Jill
MvC3 Showdown: Doctor Doom vs. Jill
Ok, I feel bad about this one.  I really do.  Jill doesn’t stand a chance.  At all.  My thinking going into it was that Jill has fought these sort of world domination types before, why not have her throw down with Doom?  My brain must have been running on empty.  Jill is buried in a rockalanche.

Storm vs. Trish
MvC3 Showdown Spotlight: Storm vs. Trish
Two words: Cat fight.  That was literally the only thinking that I had behind this duel.  Storm is a good looking lady, Trish is a good looking demon.  Who do you think would win?

And that’s this past week’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Showdown Spotlights from Marvel.com!  Be sure to check out a new Showdown every day leading up to a short nine days away!

MVC3 Character Analysis: Spider-Man

It's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.  Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies.  That’s right folks, everyone’s favorite wall crawler is back for another mighty meeting with Capcom’s best bruisers!

First impressions: Big ground pressure game.  His 8 way air dash web zip thing and very quick normals can lock down your opponent with the greatest of ease and when they finally jump to escape your shenanigans, ULTRA WEB THROW!

How will Peter Parker’s alter ego stack up against the rest of the roster?  Read on true believer, it’s time to get this party started!

Video 1

Video 2 – Seth Killian Mini Walkthrough

Video 3

At first glance there really isn’t anything special about Spider-Man’s normals.  They seem relatively quick, his sweep has great range for Spidey’s size and combos into his launcher
(Video 1 – :53), and most of his normals have him moving forward pushing his opponents closer and closer to the corner.  Also, a few of his normal attacks open up the enemy for specials.  Either they’re special move cancellable or do enough stun to sneak in a free special, but I’ll go over those in the Specials section.  Whatever the case, that’s good news for Aunt May’s favorite nephew!

Web Zip
Spider-Man’s pseudo 8-way air dash.  Spidey shoots a bit of webbing at either an upward or downward 45 degree angle and you can do it either forwards to apply pressure, or backwards as an escape (Video 2 – 1:41).  It can be cancelled by attacks, and used from the air or the ground (Video 2 – 1:41).  Much like Amaterasu’s 8-way air dash, the webbing needs to hit a surface before he zips so if you’re firing it far away make sure you’re safe.

It does a little bit of damage on hit (Video 2 – 1:41) and it stuns for a hot second which might open up some combo opportunities, but I see this move as a way to close the distance and really apply pressure.  It might even be a way to perform some ambiguous and not so ambiguous cross ups.  I await further testing with bated breath!


Web Ball
The Wall Crawler’s signature move: he shoots a blorb of web gunk at his opponent and if it connects, the sticky stuff stuns them for a second opening them up for oh so much eight-legged freakery.  You can combo into the Web Ball from his sweep for sure (Video 1 – :30) and off of his standing hard attack (Video 1 – :23).  On the ground it looks like it only goes horizontally so it can’t be used to snuff jump-ins but it will be a nice way to keep up his horizontal ground pressure.

It can also be used in the air at a downward 45 degree angle (Video 1 – :27) and I have a feeling you’ll be able to combo into it during aerial combos (Video 2 – 1:08), and possibly from it into the Maximum Spider, and maybe even off of the Web Zip or Web Swing.  That’s not for sure by any stretch of the imagination though.  On the ground, it definitely combos into the Crawler Assault hyper (Video 1 – :29).

The only downside to the move is it’s a bit slow on the start-up and it doesn’t have the best recovery.  I’m sure it will rock as an assist and c’mon, you’re going to be using it, we just have to figure out how to use it safely!

Spider Sting
I hated this move in MVC2.  It was like the poor man’s Shoryuken but even more useless.  This time around though at least it gives you a downward wall bounce if you connect the second hit after a bit of button mashing (Video 2 – 2:41).  It also has varying heights depending on the button pushed (Video 2 – 2:39, Video 2 – 2:43).

This is either the Spider Sting or Spidey's launcher. You can tell which one right?

It combos after Spider-Man’s sweep, yet another special move you can work into his normal strings (Video 3 – :38), and you’ll probably be able to launch your enemy after the second hit’s wall bounce for some more aerial shenanigans too.  I’m not sure how effective it is as an anti air, but if doesn’t push the opponent too high up when it connects, it could be great for punishing unsafe jump-ins.

Web Throw
Spider-Man shoots out a bit o’ webbing and if it hits the opponent (doesn’t work on block) Spidey swings them around and tosses them into the opposite wall (Video 1 – :39).  It doesn’t look like too amazing a move, though you can shoot it straight up and at an upwards 45 degree angle if you want to try it as an anti-air and you’re feeling lucky.  I have no freaking clue where I saw him do the vertical and 45 degree versions, but in the video he’s taking on Chun Li and whiffing like a madman.  If anybody finds it, link me so I can put it in here.

It does alright damage but I don’t really see it being too useful simply because it puts the opponent a full screen away from the Spider, the last place you want them.  Also, because it’s unsafe on block and has serious recovery… This just doesn’t look like a great asset in Spidey’s arsenal.  I might be wrong though!

Web Swing
Spider-Man yells “Web Swing” and performs a swinging kick right to the opponents kisser (Video 1 – :48).  This is going to be his bread and butter special and combined with his Web Zip Spidey has all the tools to stay right in his opponent’s face.  You can combo into it and out of it on the ground (Video 2 – 1:23) as well as in the air (Video 2 – 1:16).

Comboing into this is going to be a serious component of Spider-Man’s pressure game because while it can’t be cancelled, it’s relatively quick, changes Spidey’s hitbox, gets him airborne, and can be followed up with his fast aerial normals.  I’m thinking that it might be difficult to be punished in block strings and it looks frustratingly annoying in the right situations (Video 1 – :43).  In the air you can cancel it into the Maximum Spider for some meaty damage (Video 1 – :55).

Spidey unloads some of his gunk on Dante.

Maximum Spider
Spider-Man quickly launches himself to the wall behind him and then shoots forward at a downward angle and if he hits proceeds to web his opponent in the middle of the screen and pulverize them with fast aerial strikes (Video 1 – :55).  As I said above it combos off of the Web Swing in the air but I’m not sure how well it combos after that.  If you land a Web Ball and immediately cancel into the Maximum Spider I can see it hitting but other than that?

Being able to perform the Maximum Spider in the air looks like it might be useful for punishing whiffed anti-airs or normals when your opponent is hoping to catch your jump-in.  Bait an anti-air or something else while you’re jumping and then punish mightily with the Maximum Spider (Video 3 – :39).

Finally, you can DHC after the final downward slam from the hyper.  If you check here at 2:08 Spidey DHC’s an aerial Maximum Spider into Magento’s Magnetic Shockwave hyper.  It may be character specific depending on your teammate’s hypers (Maggy’s hyper has a high vertical hitbox) but you can do it nonetheless.  However, I’m unsure of the trajectory of his downward strike.  Does he launch himself at different downward angles depending on the button pushed?  I don’t know.

Crawler Assault
Very average horizontal, expansion hyper.  Spider-Man rushes forward punching and kicking and finally delivers a finishing kick that sends the enemy flying across the stage and causes a horizontal wall bounce.  Sounds great right?  Well unfortunately Spidey can’t combo off of said wall bounce as Seth Killian says in this interview with SRK MVC3 guru Keits here.  We know it combos after the Web Ball (Video 1 – :29) but overall it just looks like a really ho-hum hyper.

Now THAT'S what I call footsies!

Ultra Web Throw
Now I may be brutally, brutally wrong about this but I think that this is going to be Spidey’s most useful hyper.  Spidey leaps backwards into the air and fires a big piece of webbing at a downward 45 degree angle and if it hits an airborne opponent he spins them around and smashes them to the ground doing big damage.  It’s unblockable in the air and does some killer damage (Video 1 – :32).

Why do I think this is going to be his most useful hyper?  Spidey is a pressure character.  He has the tools to stay inside and harass his enemies despite the advancing guard madness.  Now what do players do when they’re feeling a little claustrophobic?  Yeah, they push block, but then what do they do?  They jump or super jump to get a little breathing room.  That’s when you strike!

I don’t know, I just feel like good Spider-Man players are going to be able to bait out desperate jumps through block strings.  It doesn’t hurt that Spidey jumps back a bit when he shoots the webbing out so if they did try to jump at you, BOOM, scooped!  I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks about this hyper.  Let me know!

I like his cracking wise but like Deadpool, I have a feeling that it’s going to get old really quick.  Other than that, his dialogue is great and appropriately “quippy.”

Final Thoughts
Spider-Man hasn’t changed much since his MVC2 appearance and there wasn’t much innovation to his character before that.  I’m really hoping that Spidey brings something fun to the table because he has the tools to stay in close, he’s quick, and he does decent damage.  I can see him being an absolute nuisance in the right hands.  No, not a terror, but a nuisance, especially with his rushdown and pressure games. We shall see what we shall see though and I’m determined to remain optimistic!

#NewComics October 28th, 2010

Sweet lord, I blew another $30 dollars on comic books last Wednesday.  Honestly, it’s a good thing that comics are the only thing that I purchase for myself otherwise I would be straight broke!  This week Beasts of Burden/Hellboy takes the cake for my favorite issue but that aside, ON TO THE COMICS!

Continue reading #NewComics October 28th, 2010