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My 10 Most Wanted Heroes and Villains for Injustice: Gods Among Us

When I heard that Injustice was going to feature 28 playable characters my mind briefly shut down just contemplating the epic grudge matches that could play out with a cast that huge. After I had recovered I started to think about who I would want NetherRealms to actually develop for the game and came up with a list of heroes and villains that I’d like to play. Feel free to comment and add your own, I’m much less versed in DC characters than I am Marvel so if you think I need to add somebody let me know!

Top 10 Heroes

Jeff Smith’s Captain Marvel

1) Captain Marvel/Shazam
Billy Batson and his awesome-alter ego Captain Marvel (I’m not sure if they’re actually calling him Shazam in the new DC U) have always been my favorite characters since I started buying my own comics. There’s just something so awesome, so primal, about the scream and lightning strike that I’ve always loved. Not only that but Captain Marvel has some serious powers, what with the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury he’s more than a match for anyone he comes up against.

Guy being awesome

2) Guy Gardner
Hal Jordan is about as interesting as wet cardboard most of the time. Guy on the other hand has the fire, the attitude, and the ability to make it in a game like this. He’s by far and away my favorite Green Lantern, if not for his arrogance, then for his steadfast commitment to upholding justice and protecting the Corps.

Trident combat!

3) Aquaman
I’ve always liked Arthur Curry and it’s a shame he hasn’t been as well received as the other members of the Justice League. I think his latest incarnation would look great in Injustice, especially wearing some custom NetherRealm armor and brandishing that awesome trident. If he somehow manages to make it into the game without the it, well I’ll be disappointed.

4) Hawkman/Hawkwoman/Hawkgirl
I don’t care which of these characters makes it in, I just know that I’d love to smack my enemies around with a mace. Sure the wings might look a little unwieldy, but with a little effort (Tekken has Devil Jin/Kazuya) I think they could make it work really well. Again, I’d love to see what NetherRealm could do with the designs, especially since the Halls are so into armor and medieval style weaponry.

5) Beast Boy/Animal Man/Vixen
I don’t care which one of these characters they put in the game, as long as at least one of them is in there. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the days of Bloody Roar passed, but I want a hero that can change into animals or channel animal abilities into the game. I think if it was done well it could be really awesome. Charging rhino, eagle style dive kicks, electric eel shocks, that stuff would be awesome.

6) Swamp Thing
If we’re going to be running heroes with an animal theme, why not throw in a character with a plant connection? With his recent reintegration into the main DCU I think this is a more plausible choice than it would have been a year ago. The Swamp Thing is strong, durable, and one hell of a cool character. Long range command grabs with vines, status-changing spore attacks, there’s so much you could do with a guy like this.

7) Black Canary
We can’t just have Harley and Wonder Woman throwing down with the boys, and Dinah Lance can dish out some serious punishment. I imagine her having the same type of abilities that Sindel had in MK9, she needs that Canary Cry, but she would need to be a physical threat as well. She straight up kicks loads of ass.

8) Zatanna
I have a feeling that Zatanna would fit nicely into a ranged combatant in a game like this. Her spells could keep enemies away and if needed she could buff herself to get in and mix it up. Plus it’d be awesome to actually hear someone articulate her backward word spells.

9) Starfire
Starfire has super strength, flight, and projectiles. She can hang with the best and she would be a welcome change to the primarily white cast we’ve seen thus far, you know being orange and all. I’d also be interested to see what type of costume they could think up for her.

10) Etrigan
The Demon probably won’t be making an appearance in the game but hey this is a wish list. He’s a really unique character, speaks in rhyme (does he still do that?), breathes fire, and comes from the depths of Hell. Think… Firebrand on steroids minus the wings.

Top 10 Villains


1) Lobo
This is the only villain that I absolutely want to see in this game. Who doesn’t want to see the insanely violent mayhem this guy could cause? He’s the perfect character for Injustice and I hope against hope that he makes the cut.

2) Black Adam
If it somehow happens that Captain Marvel doesn’t make the cut, I’ll take his villainous archenemy as a substitute. He’s a great villain and powerful enough to serve Superman a fist in face sandwich. He has super strength, can fly, call down the lightning, and has absolutely no regard for human life. I’ll take it!

3) Sinestro
With all the hype we saw with Blackest Night I’d be very surprised if at least one Green Lantern villain didn’t make it into Injustice. I think Sinestro makes a lot of sense, and he’d make a great addition, especially with those fear constructs, just NetherRealm, please, no boxing glove. Please.

4) Metallo/Cyborg Superman
Do we have any metallic guys yet? Any robots? Didn’t think so. Metallo or Cyborg Superman would be great, especially if they could assimilate some of the destructible objects into their bodies, changing their move sets. I keep hearing about how the Batmobile can shoot missiles, well what if after activating the Batmobile Metallo could launch a limited number of missiles at the enemy? Cool right?

Cross up Omega Beams FTW!

5) Darkseid
I realize I’m throwing a ton of Superman villains in here, but he has such an awesome cast of enemies, but none of them are badder than Darkseid. I didn’t particularly like his DC vs. Mortal Kombat incarnation so I think this is a chance for them to give him another chance. My only requirement for the new Darkseid? Cross-up Omega Effect projectile. I mean if they can change directions, why not put that in the game. Plus it would be so freaking awesome.

6) Doomsday
This monster killed Superman. Put him in the game.

7) Gorilla Grodd
Like Etrigan I don’t see Grodd making it into the game but it would be really fun beating people up with a gorilla. Really I think that’s the sole reason for him being on this list.

8) Cheetah
She’s fast, brutal, and one of Wonder Woman’s oldest enemies. I think she would fit right into this madness and if none of my other animal themed heroes make it she’d be better than nothing.

9) Poison Ivy
If we don’t get Swamp Thing then I hope Poison Ivy gets a spot for all the reasons I mentioned above. She’d be a bit more of a ranged fighter, depending more on her plants than her own physical prowess, and I’d love to see what projectiles NetherRealm could come up for her.

10) Clayface
He’s gross and awesome and I’m sure they’d do some awesome animations that really take advantage of his metamorphic body. He’d just be a fun character to use, not only that but it would be great if he was a mimic, but not of characters in the game. No he’d mimic Batman villains like Two Face, Joker, Penguin, and so on. Yeah that’d be sweet.