About I Speak Comics

Hello world,

This is Ben Chabala, your friendly neighborhood comics journalist and fighting game fanatic. I’m a recent graduate of Michigan State University’s Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing Masters Program and I’ve been working with comics since 2009.

I started as a humble Marvel intern under the likes of the inimitable Ryan Penagos, Ben Morse, and John Cerilli in the Web Editorial Department. When I finished my time as an intern Marvel offered me a position as a freelance writer and I’ve been doing creator interviews, covering video game and movie news, and my own little weekly installment, Unlimited Highlights ever since.

In 2010 I met Kelly Roman, author of The Art of War, a graphic novel that thrusts Sun Tzu’s ancient military classic into a dystopian future controlled by massive and ruthless financial corporations. We worked together to start a grass roots media campaign that tied in everything from social media to blogs to Youtube videos and everything in between. I also worked as an outside editor on the title and was the Public Relations Manager, contacting comics journalists and brick and mortar stores about exciting The Art of War developments. The book hit stores in July of 2012.

Now I am an editor at Symbolia, the newest and coolest tablet magazine of illustrated journalism. I’ve been interviewing creators about the changing face of digital comics here at I Speak Comics. I am also the panel coordinator for the annual MSU Comics Forum and I’ve presented scholarly presentations on the Red Hulk, V for Vendetta, and the problem with digital comics at University of Florida, my alma mater, and ROMOCOCO respectively.

As you can tell I love comics and I promise that here at I Speak Comics I’m going to be bringing you tons of awesome original content all about everything comics on a semi-regular basis. Stay tuned for more fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “About I Speak Comics”

    1. Good call on the Arthur thing! I don’t know if I ever would have noticed that! Could you link to the SRK article? I remember Keits asking about whether the grapple arm special was blockable, which it is, but nothing about the command grab.

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